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Gear Geeks Rejoice - These 12 Ingenious New Products from Nite Ize Just Dropped

New products from Nite Ize Winter 2024

If you know anything about Nite Ize, you know that we live for bringing innovative new gear to market not once, but twice a year. What can we say, we just like to go the extra mile. From new ways to carry keys, to fun ways to light your entertaining space, and beyond, we’re excited to finally tell you what we’ve been working on. Best of all, these new products are in stock now and ready to ship!


New Ways to Upgrade Your EDC


GearLine™ Mini Key Organizer

GearLine™ Mini Key OrganizerGearLine™ Mini Key Organizer

A staff favorite through the development process, the GearLine Mini is built to keep keys and pocket tools organized. We have reimagined the keychain in a totally new, flexible form, featuring a multi-loop webbing with an attached G-Series® Dual Chamber Carabiner and 4 S-Biner® MicroLocks (both fan favorites in our key accessories category). The MicroLocks offer easy detachment, allowing users to add and remove individual keys or EDC items as needed. The G-Series carabiner clips to belt loops or other anchors, or you can clip it to the end to form a circluar organizer. Plus, we’ve heard from in-house users that the GearLine Mini provides an optimal “pocket feel” when carrying keys.


Medallion™ Key Carabiner

Medallion™ Key CarabinerMedallion™ Key Carabiner

An elegant take on the classic carabiner, the Medallion’s sleek stainless steel design features a circular border with a round inner core, connected by dual inner spring gates. The precision engineering of the inner gates prevent keys from accidentally doubling back and falling off, and yet, when it’s time to remove or swap out a key, a simple push of the spring gates is all it takes to free it. In-house testers have also enjoyed pairing this with the GearLine Mini to create a more custom, modular EDC option.


Medallion™ Key Lanyard

Medallion™ Key LanyardMedallion™ Key Lanyard

This unique new keychain combines our Medallion Key Carabiner with a lanyard for hands-free carrying around the neck. The soft satin-touch lanyard offers a quick-release buckle for easy one-handed detachment when you need to grab keys and accessories on-the-go.


O-Series™ Keychain

O-Series™ KeychainO-Series™ Keychain

This minimalist upgrade to the classic split ring keychain combines our patented gated key ring with a webbing carry loop. The stainless steel ring features a unique spring gate with a narrow opening and centered gate design, providing ultimate key security with effortless attachment. The attached webbing loop allows for easy carrying and hanging, and slides right over the gated opening for a streamlined look and feel.


New Ways to Get Outdoors with Your Pet


RadDog™ Retractable Pocket Leash

This portable leash was designed to make vet visits, potty pitstops, and quick errands easier, with a retractable leash that extends to 45”. The compact form makes it perfect for stowing away in pockets, packs, glove boxes, and more. The durable nylon sleeve endures mud, rain, fur, or slobber, and when it’s time for a cleaning, you can simply slip off the cover and wash it by hand. Offered in two sizes, it features a comfortable nylon loop, and boasts a break strength of 80 lbs for the small size, and 130 lbs for the large. Our in-house testers of various shapes and sizes gave it their bark of approval, and two paws up.


NiteDog® Rechargeable LED Collar Cover - Disc-O Select™

Our original LED Collar Cover has been loved by many dog owners around the world, so we thought it was time to give it a more colorful, rechargeable update. Weather-resistant, durable, and low-profile, this flexible illuminated strip secures to most 1” wide collars, leashes and harnesses with easy hook-and-loop tabs. Disc-O Select Technology allows dog owners to choose from 3 selectable colors of green, blue, and red, plus red flash and fun color-changing Disc-O mode. The 6.42" flexible cover features a passive-reflective pattern for added safety and style. In-house paw-duct testers reported feeling fabulous and confident on their nite walkies.


NiteMeow™ Rechargeable LED Safety Necklace - Disc-O Select™

Cat owners asked, and we delivered. It’s finally time for felines to shine with the NiteMeow! This rechargeable cut-to-size LED necklace is the purr-fect accessory for adventurous and stylish felines, letting them truly glow with Disc-O Select Technology. From nighttime jaunts to indoor cat raves, the NiteMeow is sure to win the hearts of cats and their people everywhere.


A New Way to Brighten Your Nite


Radiant® StarLit™ Rechargeable Lantern + String Light - Disc-O Select

A new star in our illumination lineup, this portable lantern casts a bright, white 200 lumens. But don’t be deceived by its compact size—like many things, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Housed inside the lantern is a 23-foot string light that unwinds to offer added illumination and ambiance to your backyard, campsite, dorm room, or entertaining space. The patented LEDs illuminate in solid amber, red, green, or blue. Or, you can pick from 4 color-changing Disc-O modes that span the full length of the string to really set a party vibe, including Classic Disc-O, Disc-O Pulse, Disc-O Twinkle, and Disc-O Chase.

Illuminate the lantern alone, lantern and string light together, or string light alone, giving you maximum versatility. The StarLit can also stay illuminated while charging, and you can even activate the string light while wound up in the lantern for a colorful internal glow. Several in-house product testers have reported this item as “stolen” by various family members.


New Ways to Dock Your Phone On-The-Go


Steelie® Orbiter® Plus Cup Holder Kit

Due to popular demand, we’ve once again expanded our Steelie lineup with a new MagSafe-compatible mounting kit for the Cup Holder. “When we first launched the MagSafe-compatible Steelie Orbiter Plus over two years ago, the reception was so strong and positive,” says Rick Case, Nite Ize founder and CEO. “We filled a much-needed gap in mounting technology, which people immediately adopted.” The Magnetic Socket seamlessly connects to the magnets inside your MagSafe iPhone (any iPhone 12 or newer) and features a powerful neodymium magnet and silicone center for a strong hold and smooth 360˚ rotation. The Cup Holder Mount has a universal base that expands to fit virtually any cup holder by simply turning the center knob. The base is attached to a bendable arm that adjusts to your perfect viewing angle, with a Steelie ball at its end to instantly connect to the magnetic socket. Sliding into cup holders and connecting in seconds, this versatile system will stick with you through changing cars, phones, and destinations. Our in-house product testers also noted that they used it with cup holders in golf carts and boats, providing even more flexibility.


Steelie® Orbiter® Plus Windshield Kit

We’ve also now paired our Steelie Orbiter Plus system with our patented Windshield Mount, rounding out our kit offerings to fit individual needs and preferences. The mount features an adjustable aluminum arm and suction cup design for ultimate holding power, with a locking lever for quick release.


New Ways to Clip, Hook, ‘N Hang


S-Biner® 360 SlideLock® Dual Carabiner

S-Biner® 360 SlideLock® Dual CarabinerS-Biner® 360 SlideLock® Dual Carabiner

Meet our new “spin” on our iconic S-Biner. The S-Biner 360 SlideLock features a swiveling core that allows you to independently rotate either side for optimal access and positioning. This is a great new solution for clipping keys, water bottles, plants, decor, and more. It’s available in 3 sizes with weight ratings of 20, 35, and 50 lbs., respectively.


S-Biner® Hook 'N Hold™ S-Hook

S-Biner® Hook 'N Hold™ S-HookS-Biner® Hook 'N Hold™ S-Hook

Like all great Nite Ize innovations, the Hook 'N Hold was created to evolve and perfect a classic, universally appreciated product: the S-Hook. The Hook 'N Hold integrates a clip on one side of the S to keep the hook in place when removing items. The reception has been so strong for our initial large size that we decided to introduce a smaller size, sold in a 2-pack. The small size is perfect for hanging and organizing lightweight items from hats to small tools to even cooking utensils. Clip the gated side onto racks, shelves, and more, or flip things around and use the clip side to securely hold items and hang the hook side on your shelf or rack instead.


Now that we’ve walked you through the new product drop, what are your favorites? We can’t wait to see how you use them in your daily life and on adventures, so be sure to tag us @niteize on social for a chance to win some free gear!