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A Beginners Guide to Innovating at Home With 3D Printing

A Beginners Guide to Innovating at Home With 3D Printing A 3D printer with a custom printed accessory for a phone mount on the printer

In a world where technology is continually pushing boundaries, 3D Printing emerges as a groundbreaking innovation. The accessibility and affordability of 3D printers make transforming digital designs into tangible objects easier than ever before. From intricate prototypes to functional tools, the potential applications of 3D printing are virtually limitless. One great way you can use 3D printing is to make already useful products more fine-tuned to your needs. Take Nite Ize for instance, they make lots of practical gear that I use every day in my shop. Keep reading to see how I customized one of their most popular products with the power of 3D printing!

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Organize Your Gear for a Summer on-the-Go

Organize Your Gear for a Summer on-the-Go Garage organization tips

The grass is greening up, the daffodils are popping up, and its official — spring has sprung. That means camping, hiking, biking, fishing, climbing, summer sports and all the fun that comes with warmer weather. It’s the perfect time to dust off your gear, inventory your supplies, and get organized for upcoming adventures. Here are some tips to get your gear dialed in for a summer on the go. If your garage or basement looks like this after the shifting seasons, this post is for you.

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Happy 35, Nite Ize!

Happy 35, Nite Ize! Nite Ize 35th anniversary birthday cake

This year is a celebration year at Nite Ize. 35 years ago, our Founder + CEO Rick Case had a brilliant idea that led to the creation of Nite Ize, Inc. He was a one man show in the beginning, selling his invention to local shops, figuring out how to run his own business, and working tirelessly to make his tiny start-up succeed. If you’ve ever met Rick, you know that he gives himself fully to the success of his business, you know the sly smile he shares before he tells a story, and you know his passion and drive when a great product idea comes to him. He is part salesman, part inventor, and the heart and soul of Nite Ize.  

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Get Savvy for Spring Break Skiing with Kids

Get Savvy for Spring Break Skiing with Kids Family skiing

Skiing with kids is _________. There are so many ways you can finish that sentence. Exciting. Exhausting. Fun. Frantic. Sensational. Sentimental. So, if you’re hitting the slopes with the kiddos this spring break, get ready for all of it. But, if you love skiing, chances are you have (or will) love watching your kids fall in love with skiing too. But you’ll also know it doesn’t come without work. The logistics of getting kids into layers of gear, riding to the resort, freezing fingers and toes, snug boots, chairlift snacks, and so much cocoa, make for a day that can be totally fulfilling and completely exhausting. Naturally, Nite Ize has a few tricks for easing the logistics so you can focus on the joy of it all.

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Gear Geeks Rejoice - These 12 Ingenious New Products from Nite Ize Just Dropped

Gear Geeks Rejoice - These 12 Ingenious New Products from Nite Ize Just Dropped New products from Nite Ize Winter 2024

If you know anything about Nite Ize, you know that we live for bringing innovative new gear to market not once, but twice a year. What can we say, we just like to go the extra mile. From new ways to carry keys, to fun ways to light your entertaining space, and beyond, we’re excited to finally tell you what we’ve been working on. Best of all, these new products are in stock now and ready to ship!

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Shepherding in the Next Generation of Mountaineers: Ava Keniston

Shepherding in the Next Generation of Mountaineers: Ava Keniston Five women walk down a snowy face in mountaineering gear connected by a rope

In the heart of the Pacific Northwest stands the 10,786-foot summit of Komo Kulshan, or Mount Baker. This awe-inspiring peak is a challenge for even the most seasoned mountaineers. However daunting, this mountain became a classroom for Ava, one of our inaugural youth participants with the Summit Scholarship Foundation. As Ava climbed, an unforgettable journey unfolded alongside peers and fellow women mountaineers. 

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Illuminating The Wild with Forrest Galante

Illuminating The Wild with Forrest Galante Forrest Galante in the wild

Hi folks—Forrest Galante here, your go-to guy for all things wild and adventurous. I'm thrilled to share some insights on a game-changing brand that has become an indispensable part of my overlanding and wildlife-centric expeditions: Nite Ize. Known for their innovative and reliable products, Nite Ize has become my trusted companion in the untamed world.

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Stocking Stuffers to Level Up Their Everyday Carry

Stocking Stuffers to Level Up Their Everyday Carry Stockings filled with everyday carry gifts

Looking to stuff the stockings of the ones you love with something they will actually use this year? Why not update the items they carry around everyday and everywhere. A little reminder of you when they pick up their keys, grab their wallet, or rifle through their pocket finding just what they need, thanks to your thoughtful gift. Here are our suggestions for a stocking well-stuffed and Christmas smiles well-earned.

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How to Sleigh Holiday Hosting

How to Sleigh Holiday Hosting Christmas tree in a cozy mountain cabin

Tis the season — the season for holiday parties, cocktail nights, and showing your friends and family that you love them in the best way, with the gift of a good meal and better company. As you ready your home for the holidays, we have a few tips and tricks for ways Nite Ize can make your life easier (and a little brighter) this holiday season.

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How to pack for the holidays with 1 carry-on

How to pack for the holidays with 1 carry-on Carry-on suitcase with RunOff waterproof packing cubes

As many of us prepare to travel home for the holidays, the dreaded task of packing looms near. These days with airfare and lost baggage on the rise, and overhead space limited, flying with a carry-on seems to be the preferred option. But how to efficiently pack what you need for a week’s time in a small carry-on suitcase?

After years of holiday travel, I think I’ve solved the packing puzzle. Follow my tips below.

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