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Nite Ize has been built on the spirit of Innovation, and developing creative solutions to overcome challenges is the core of who we are. In our products, processes, and how we work together, Innovation is the foundation of our success.


Doing what we say we will do shows integrity. Honest and respectful communication is central to building and sustaining trust and confidence with critical individuals, partners and teams.


We show the perseverance to look for new and different solutions for the challenges we face as individuals, teams, and as a company. We strive to perservere because the only way to guarantee that we won’t succeed is stop trying and give up.


By finding genuine ways to make the best of difficult situations, and taking time to recognize our successes, we strive to build an environment in which we all find enjoyment in the work with do, and the people we work with every day.


Our ability to successfully respond to change, adapt to new challenges, and seek out new ways to amplify our wins gives us a competitive edge in an ever-changing business world. A roadblock only means that we need to find a detour!


Taylor E.

4 Years at Nite Ize (Tay-Tay all Day-Day) 

“Good employees. Products are awesome. It’s a fun place to work, I just enjoy it all the way around.”

Maricsa C.

3 Years at Nite Ize

“Supervisors take care of us."

Mike M.

5 Years at Nite Ize 

“The people and the perks: flexible schedules, gym + personal trainer, 401k matching. There is a great camaraderie with everyone here.”

Luis R.

4 Years at Nite Ize 

“Love the culture and the people. Great teamwork between departments”

Mandi C.

3 Years at Nite Ize 

“All of the amazing people. The vibe is always uplifting. And Rick is the coolest owner of a company.”

Alex O.

6.5 Years at Nite Ize 

“I enjoy what I do each day. Different departments and teams will help each other out.”

Sharmila B.

4 Years at Nite Ize 

“LOVE to work at Nite Ize. The best is my co-workers. Managers are understanding and really supportive.”

Alaa N.

8 Years at Nite Ize

“So fun to see all the new products twice a year, and really enjoy the people and fun events.”