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Get Savvy for Spring Break Skiing with Kids

Family skiing

Skiing with kids is _________. There are so many ways you can finish that sentence. Exciting. Exhausting. Fun. Frantic. Sensational. Sentimental. So, if you’re hitting the slopes with the kiddos this spring break, get ready for all of it. But, if you love skiing, chances are you have (or will) love watching your kids fall in love with skiing too. But you’ll also know it doesn’t come without work. The logistics of getting kids into layers of gear, riding to the resort, freezing fingers and toes, snug boots, chairlift snacks, and so much cocoa, make for a day that can be totally fulfilling and completely exhausting. Naturally, Nite Ize has a few tricks for easing the logistics so you can focus on the joy of it all.

1.    Enjoy a smooth ride

Steelie Orbiter Windshield Mount KitSteelie Orbiter Windshield Mount Kit

A ski day is often a sun-up to sun-down adventure, with a drive that can make or break the day. Head out on the right foot with some convenient tools for a smooth ride. Our Steelie Magnetic Phone Mounts help you stay hands-free and while navigating snowy roads and delivering your family safely to the resort. You can even mount a Steelie on a window or vent in the backseat to hold a tablet for your kids to comfortably watch a show while you cruise.

2.    Capture all the moments

Squeeze Clippable Phone Holder on backpack strap on skierSqueeze Clippable Phone Holder on backpack strap on skier

From their first pizza pie to the first bump run, you won’t miss a moment with the Squeeze Clippable Phone Holder. If you’re like me, you already ski with a backpack to hold everyone’s extra layers, snacks, pack lunch, water bottles, etc – The Squeeze will be a natural addition to your ski day setup.

3.    Be prepared to schlep

GearPro Utility Strap holding skis together while skier carries themGearPro Utility Strap holding skis together while skier carries them

Teaching kids to carry their own skis is not one of the joys of the sport. It can be miserable to schlep from a parking lot, to a bus, through a cute little village, and onto a slope. Even when you have access to park close, for a family with little kids, carrying your skis 100 feet is the equivalent of walking a mile normally (it also might age you five years in the process). The GearPro Utility Strap is a helpful little Nite Ize secret that can make this process a bit easier. Strapping those slippery skis together gives you a vastly better chance of making it across icy parking lots without disaster. And, if you get a chance for grown-up skiing on the hike-to terrain, keeping this little strap in a pocket will make your hike a lot easier too.

4.    Remember the power of snacks (and positive thinking!)

Chairlift snacks packed in RunOff Waterproof Packing CubeChairlift snacks packed in RunOff Waterproof Packing Cube

If you want your kids to love skiing, help make it lovable! Remember to keep things light and fun. We go heavy with lots of snacks and treats, cocoa and warm up breaks, and we dole out all the positive reinforcement. Set yourself up for success with easy-peasy bluebird days to start, load up a RunOff Waterproof Packing Cube with plenty of snacking favorites, and enjoy it all together. Windy, icy, below-freezing white out days are not the time to share your love of skiing with your kiddos. The more they see you having fun, the more fun they will have too. 

Pro tip: RunOff bags are also great for packing those extra layers and full lunches if you want to save a little money on the mountain.

5.    The right tool can save a ski day

DoohicKey Ratchet Tool held in hand on chairliftDoohicKey Ratchet Tool held in hand on chairlift

Have you ever had a binding come loose, or have a rental shop set your DIN incorrectly? You can feel like MacGuyver on and off the slopes when you keep this little day-saving DoohicKey Ratchet Tool clipped conveniently to your backpack.

Young girl skiingYoung girl skiing

And just like that, with a little practice, a lot of patience, and a few days on the hill, your little rugrats will become little rippers. And just wait, it won’t be long till the day they outski you!

We hope you find these tips helpful. Please feel free to share your go-to Nite Ize products for ski trips with us on social media @niteize!