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Starting on March 1, 2016, Nite Ize will only sell products to retailers who have been approved through our Authorized Reseller Program and who have read and reviewed our MAP Policy. As an existing or potential reseller of Nite Ize products, we are committed to making this process as easy as possible for you. To complete the application process, click the applicable button below. There you can find all the details of these policies, and quickly submit your application.
Once submitted, you will receive an email notification with further details.

Interested in selling our innovative, solution based products in your store? To be approved for our Authorized Reseller Program, please use one of the links below:


As the retail landscape continues to evolve, we are dedicated to ensuring the integrity of the Nite Ize brand, and to maintaining product margins for our valued retail partners. To that end, we are introducing an Authorized Reseller Program in conjunction with our Minimum Advertising Program. These programs have been implemented to protect the consumer experience and discourage price based advertising. We look forward to Nite Ize continuing to be your trusted partner for innovative products, helping you to maximize sales.

Please download and review the Nite Ize MAP Policy.

The MAP Policy currently applies to the Nite Ize products in the following list, which will be updated from time to time by Nite Ize.

Please download and review the current Nite Ize MAP Product List.

Each reseller is responsible for ensuring that it is aware of any update to the MAP policy and the current products covered by the MAP policy.

All questions or requests for additional information regarding this Policy or information regarding potential violations of this Policy must be in writing and are to be addressed to the following persons at NI responsible for this Policy ("Policy Administrator"):

Nite Ize, Inc.
MAP Policy Administrator
5660 Central Avenue
Boulder, CO 80301 USA

Only the Policy Administrator or its designated representative is authorized to answer questions or comment on this Policy or to accept information regarding potential violations.