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Stocking Stuffers to Level Up Their Everyday Carry

Stockings filled with everyday carry gifts

Looking to stuff the stockings of the ones you love with something they will actually use this year? Why not update the items they carry around everyday and everywhere. A little reminder of you when they pick up their keys, grab their wallet, or rifle through their pocket finding just what they need, thanks to your thoughtful gift. Here are our suggestions for a stocking well-stuffed and Christmas smiles well-earned.

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How to Create Your Perfect Everyday Carry Keychain

how to build your edc

When you’re getting ready for the day and leaving your home, what do you bring with you? We all have a handful of items that we like to keep on us, and a keyring or carabiner can be a great way to organize these personal items and tools. When everything is connected together, it's much harder to lose each item, and with one reach you can grab everything you need, no searching through pockets. 

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“An accessory is only as useful as it is conveniently accessible.”

– Rick Case, Nite Ize Founder + CEO

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Nite Ize Everyday Carry

If you spend time on social media and have an affinity for clever products to put in your pockets, you might be familiar with the acronym EDC. It stands for Everyday Carry, and it’s just what it sounds like – the pieces of gear you carry with you when you leave the house. When it comes to being prepared everywhere you go, you must choose those pieces of gear wisely, so you have the essentials you need without going overboard and weighing down your pockets.

So what makes an ideal EDC setup? It comes down to personal preferences (as well as what jobs you might encounter while you’re out), but let’s get down to the fundamentals.

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