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6 Anti-Theft Tips For Your International Trip

Woman at train station being pickpocketed

If you’re planning your dream European summer vacay, let me first say: I am totally jealous. And let me secondly say: prepare for pickpocketing. It’s an unfortunate, yet all-too-common reality in popular tourist spots, not to mention lost baggage with international travel. Here are the anti-theft and anti-loss tips I learned from my travels so you can ensure your dream trip doesn’t become a nightmare. 

1. Lock your luggage down

S-Biner MicroLock locking luggage zippers for anti-theftS-Biner MicroLock locking luggage zippers for anti-theft

Theft can begin even before takeoff, right at your terminal. Which brings me to some obvious tips worth stating– don’t leave your bags unattended or in the hands of a trustworthy-looking stranger, and keep the volume in your headphones low enough so you can hear of sudden flight or gate change announcements. 

Now onto my true tip #1: Seal up the zippers of your luggage to prevent sneaky theft, while still ensuring your bags can be searched by TSA if need be. Just clip a twist-to-lock S-Biner MicroLock to both zipper pulls on your suitcase, backpack, or purse to link them together and lock them down. Grab a 2 pack to secure both your personal item and suitcase. 

2. Keep your phone on a leash

Hitch Anchor + Tether clipping to belt loopHitch Anchor + Tether clipping to belt loop

Your most used item is also one of the most likely to be stolen: your phone. And without a phone in a foreign country, you’re basically SOL. Some more obvious prep tips to keep in mind: Ensure your travel companion has your phone location linked in a ‘Find My Phone’ app in case it goes missing. And backup your photos daily to the cloud so you don’t potentially lose your memories, too. 

But the real tip is simple: Keep your phone on a leash. A snatch-and-grab from your back pocket happens so fast, but not with a Hitch Phone Anchor + Tether. Hitch slides between your case and phone and features a coil that clips it to a belt loop or around the wrist for extra security.



3. Wear your essentials – even at the beach

Man grabbing phone out of RunOff waterproof hip packMan grabbing phone out of RunOff waterproof hip pack

Every travel guide will recommend a belt bag or hip pack so your wallet, phone, and essentials can stay safe against your body, preventing snatch-and-grabs in action. One thing the travel guides may leave out—what happens at the beach? Where do you put your things at such a crowded tourist spot before taking a dip?

Here’s your perfect answer: The RunOff Waterproof Hip Pack. This convertible pack can be worn around the hip or cross-body in and out of the water, featuring an airtight, waterproof toothless zipper called TRU Zip. It also features a touchscreen-friendly phone pocket for texting while in the pack. That way, you can keep your cash, cards, keys, and phone dry and attached to your person while you swim, hike, and explore away.  

Extra tip: Any water damage, tears, or even minor folds to your passport can deem it unacceptable for international travel. Prevent a catastrophic vacation-ruiner by investing in a nice passport case to hold it safe through Customs. And when you’ve passed through, stick it in a RunOff Waterproof Travel Pouch to protect it from shampoo explosions, beach splashes, and rain on your trip. You can also fold in boarding passes or reservation confirmations you may need on-hand.  

 4. Link your bags on-the-go 

G-Series SlideLock clipping backpack to suitcaseG-Series SlideLock clipping backpack to suitcase

Thieves aim to separate you from your valuables in a flash, which is why it’s important to double up the security at the train station, on the city bus, or at the airport. Never freely set down valuable items like a phone, camera, or wallet on a public seat or table, especially if you may catch a snooze on the train. Instead, clip your day bag and luggage together using a G-Series SlideLock Carabiner. The locking gate ensures a thief can’t quickly separate and grab a bag undetected (especially when combined with tip #1).  

5. Separate your cash stash

CashBack Phone Wallet holding credit card and IDsCashBack Phone Wallet holding credit card and IDs

Now onto the unavoidable aspect of international travel: you’re going to spend a lot of money, so you’ll need a lot of cash on-hand. I recommend you use a credit card as much as possible so that if someone swipes it, it’s easy to claim theft, and no real money was stolen. 

But when you must use cash, one tip reigns above all: Separate your stash. Keep a daily allowance of cash in a Ca$hBack Phone Wallet attached to your phone for quick grabbing. The top safety tab prevents cash from easily slipping out, while still allowing quick access. Keep the rest of your vacation cash separately stored in your hotel room safe (along with your passport) or in the depths of your luggage, under a layer or two of zippers. 


6. Track your luggage every step of the way

WearAbout clipped to backpack holding AirTagWearAbout clipped to backpack holding AirTag

Sending all the good juju you don’t end up losing luggage along the way, but with flight cancellations and delays on the rise, there are no guarantees. One surefire way to know exactly where your luggage ends up is to track it with an Apple AirTag. I’d recommend picking up a few so you can track both your suitcase and your personal bag. Keep your AirTag easily attached to your bag straps (or inner compartments if you want to be more discreet) with a WearAbout Clippable Tracker Holder. With a soft, yet durable rubber housing and locking stainless steel clip,  WearAbout ensures your AirTag is there to stay through it all. 

I hope these tips have helped ease some traveler’s anxiety, but remember my secret 7th tip: you booked this vacation for FUN. Remember to have it. Prep as much as you can before takeoff so you can actually live in the moment on your trip. Bon Voyage!