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Brenda Isaac

Happy 35, Nite Ize!

Happy 35, Nite Ize! Nite Ize 35th anniversary birthday cake

This year is a celebration year at Nite Ize. 35 years ago, our Founder + CEO Rick Case had a brilliant idea that led to the creation of Nite Ize, Inc. He was a one man show in the beginning, selling his invention to local shops, figuring out how to run his own business, and working tirelessly to make his tiny start-up succeed. If you’ve ever met Rick, you know that he gives himself fully to the success of his business, you know the sly smile he shares before he tells a story, and you know his passion and drive when a great product idea comes to him. He is part salesman, part inventor, and the heart and soul of Nite Ize.  

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Nite Ize: The Story Of Us

Nite Ize: The Story Of Us Nite Ize

By Brenda Isaac, Vice President of Marketing

Nite Ize is proud to celebrate our 33rd year in business in 2022. While it isn’t a milestone anniversary, and most companies wouldn’t even bother mentioning it, it’s still worth celebrating to me! As I look back over the last few years, I’m drawn to the idea of invention. During the pandemic, Nite Ize has never slowed down. We’ve introduced over 100 new product inventions to the market, invented solutions to successfully work from home, overcome supply chain challenges, kept our warehouse team safe at work - and the list goes on. I feel like we invented our own way through this challenging time as a team, and we found a way to win.

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“An accessory is only as useful as it is conveniently accessible.”

– Rick Case, Nite Ize Founder + CEO

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