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3 Must-Haves in Every Gearhead Garage

Radiant Utility Light for Garage

A garage can be many things. A place to park your car, a storage unit, a spare bedroom for an adult son.  For me, it’s a place to work on my vehicles and Nite Ize has some awesome products to help me complete my projects.  

Here are a few that I use in my garage.

Gear Ties

When you need an extra hand, Gear Tie is at the ready.  They come in all sizes and the uses are endless.  

When working on brakes, I wrap the Gear Tie around the caliper before I remove it.  Once it’s removed, it is easy to adjust the tension to keep the caliper out of the way, without putting any pressure on the brake line.  

Since I leave the jack underneath while I’m working under the vehicle, I also use a Gear Tie as an extra safety precaution to keep the jack handle out of the way so I don’t trip on it while I’m working.  

Gear Ties are also a great way to keep your workspace clutter free by securing all cables, welding cords, hoses and more.  

They can also be used to organize the tools you use most.  

Pro Tip: Thread the Gear Tie through the end of a socket or wrench and have them handy when your toolbox is not within hands reach.  


 GearPro Utility Straps

Another great product for keeping organized is the GearPro Utility Strap.  These also come in different sizes and are a great way to secure hoses, farm jack handles, or anything you need to keep tight and secure.  You just wrap it around, pull tension to buckle, and snap it in at the end to keep it tight.

GearPro Straps hold tension and are all load-rated.  Use them when you need to hold something that is on the heavy side or where security is crucial.  

They’re very simple to use, easy to adjust, and incredibly effective.     


Radiant Rechargeable Utility Light

Projects are tough to complete if you can’t see what you’re doing.  

The Radiant Utility Light has a metal magnetic bracket to attach to the vehicle to keep my hands free and focus the light where I need it. The white task light mode complexly illuminates my work area and if I drop a part, I can switch to a flashlight mode to find it.  It’s my go-to light for projects.


I hope these tips and tricks inspire you to complete those projects and start new ones. Check out the videos to see the Gear Tie and GearPro Strap in action.