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A Day in the Life of a ColoRADo Dog

A Colorado dog's life

By Frankie The Dog

Hello. My name is Frankie. I am a good girl. Occasionally I make questionable decisions, but my mom says it’s just when I have too much energy. Fortunately that doesn’t happen too often, because we live in a land called “Colorado”. Here, every day is an adventure and I get to use up all my energy. In case you’re curious, here’s a peek into what our typical day in Colorado looks like:


Sometimes mom and I wake up before the rest of the house, even before the sun. She puts on my special collar and leash to keep me safe in the dark, and we go for a jog. (And it makes the other dogs jealous because I look pretty rad, too).

NiteDog LED LeashNiteDog LED Leash
NiteDog LED Collar NiteDog LED Collar

Next, it’s time to wake the kids and take them for a walk after breakfast. It’s very important to walk your children at least twice a day. This tires them out so they don’t have too much energy to make questionable decisions either (like tail-pulling…)

Walking the dog

Next, we swing by the dog park to get out a LITTLE more energy. Mom’s always prepared with a collapsible water bowl and of course…compostable poo bags. (Sorry about that sock I ate yesterday, mom…)

Collapsible Water BowlCollapsible Water Bowl
Pack-a-poo with dispenserPack-a-poo with dispenser

Then it’s on to the office. Even in Colorado moms have to go to work sometimes (I can always tell when it’s a workday because she doesn’t put on yoga pants). Lookin’ sharp, mom! But I don’t mind office days because here, dogs get to come too! There are usually some other dogs to chat with around the water cooler, and most people keep treats at their desks.

Pro-tip: always stop at Brian’s office on the way in, he has the best treat jar.

Dog in front of Nite Ize building

Long workdays don’t wear me out though. Time to pick up the kids from school and then we head for a hike! Ah, there’s nothing like the feeling of the wind in your ears and the promise of a great hike to be had.

After we’ve all had our dinner and the kids are in bed, mom thinks she’s going to kick her feet up, that’s when I like to get one last burst of energy and throw a wrench in her plans. Lucky for me, we even have dog toys that light up in the dark! And luckier, we both have energy for one last round of disc with my favorite Flashflight Dog Discuit.

Finally, we’re all ready to crash out. It’s been a full day, but I know a secret – tomorrow starts the weekend. That’s when we go to the mountains and then the real adventures begin!